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1. Business corporation business license (registration number: 3202002109671, registered capital: 5 million yuan)
2. Organization Code Certificate of the People's Republic of China (71748581-B)
3. Tax registration certificate (national tax / copy, 320201717485819)
4. Tax registration certificate (local tax / copy, 320200w00015045)
5. Wuxi High-tech Enterprise Certification (Issued by Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau, 2004.2.2, 0030309X)
6. Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise (Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise Association, 2004.12, B-20040081)
7. Qualification certificate for import and export enterprises of the People's Republic of China (issued by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Foreign Economy and Trade, 2004.5.12, 3200717485818)
8. The Best Private Enterprise of National Goodwill (Promotion Committee of China Private Science and Technology Promotion Association, issued by 2004.7)
9. Sci-tech Novelty Search Report (Jiangsu Sci-tech Novelty Consulting Center, State-level Sci-tech Novelty Consulting Unit, 2004.9.27)
10. Inspection report (Wuxi Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, 2004.11.25 report, 2006.3.3 report)
11. National utility model patent: surface-reinforced mirror decorative board, patent number: ZL20042008609.6 (issued in 2005.11.9)
12. National Design Patent: Notification of the right to decorative plate (acrylic profile), 2008.5.28
13. ISO9001: 2000 standard quality management system certification certificate (issued by China Fangyuan Certification Center on August 22, 2003, and passed the second supervision and audit on July 7, 2005.)
14. ISO14001: 1996 version environmental management system certification certificate (2004.9.3 was issued by China Fangyuan Logo Recognition Center and passed the first supervision and inspection on July 7, 2005).
15. Contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise certificate (issued by Wuxi Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, issued by Wuxi Economic and Trade Commission 2004.12.8)
16. Enterprise credit rating certificate, credit rating AAA (3203070001, issued on June 28, 2006, Jiangsu Dongyu International Consulting Co., Ltd.).
17. Scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate (Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau, 2004.12.29)
18. Printing business license (Jiangsu Press and Publication Bureau, issued on March 10, 2005)
19. Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certification Certificate (050204G0039N, 20058.5.30)
20. Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certification Certificate (0523002B2880, issued on 2005.12.26), reviewing Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise Certification Certificate (0523002B2880, issued on 2007.12.19)
21. User comments (Wuxi Little Swan, General Electric Medical System (China Co., Ltd.), Wuxi Panasonic, Sichuan Changhong, Henan Xinfei, Haier Group, Hisense, South Korea's Samsung, LG and other companies)
22. Mr. Chen Jianping, General Manager, was awarded the 2004 Advanced Individual in Scientific and Technological Work in Beitang District (issued by the Beitang District Committee of Wuxi, China, and issued by the People's Government of Beitang District, Wuxi in February 2005)
23. Member unit of Jiangsu Household Electrical Appliances Industry Association (issued by 2002.12)
24. Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd. Trademark Registration Certificate (No. 3894131)
25. Acrylic (PMMA) mirror decorative signage won the first prize of Wuxi 2006 "Factory Association" outstanding project (2007.1 issued by Wuxi Science and Technology Association, Wuxi Economic and Trade Commission, Wuxi Reform and Development Commission)
26. Inspection-exempt supplier certificate (Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd.) 2006.10.9
27. Mr. Chen Jianping, the general manager, was awarded the title of Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of Wuxi in 2006 (Wuxi Municipal Committee Document of the Communist Party of China, Xi Fafa (2007) No. 28) (2007.3).
28. Wuxi Quality Credit Product Certificate (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.), (Wuxi Quality and Technology Administration of Jiangsu Province, 2007.1)
29. Wuxi Famous Brand Product Certificate (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.), (Wuxi Quality Work Leading Group 2008.2.)
30. Best Enterprise in Jiangsu Sign Industry (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.), (Jiangsu Quality Management Committee, Jiangsu Enterprise Integrity Investigation and Evaluation Committee) 2007.12
31. Wuxi AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprise (Wuxi People's Government 2008.1)
32. The "Panel" selected in the 13th Henghui Cup Gold Net Competition in 2007 won the silver award. (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.) (China Screen Printing & Imaging Association 2007.9)
33. Council of China Screen Printing and Imaging Association (2007.7)
34. Obtained the certificate of Wuxi Famous Trademark. 2007.12
35. Wuxi Small and Medium Enterprises (Entrepreneurs) Association, Executive Director Unit 2006.12
36. Jiangsu Province Star Enterprise (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.), (Jiangsu Quality Management Committee, Jiangsu Enterprise Integrity Investigation and Evaluation Committee) 2007.12
37. Certificate of Jiangsu Light Industry Association (Wuxi Kehong Sign Co., Ltd.) 2008.2.
38. General Manager Mr. Chen Jianping was awarded the title of “Wuxi Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in 2007” by Wuxi City (Documents of Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, issued by Xi Committee)
39. Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise Re-Identification Certificate (Certificate No. GR200832000470) valid by the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department, Jiangsu Province Finance Department, Jiangsu Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau is valid and valid
Year, Issue Date 2008.10.21
40. IMD in-mold injection technology reform included in the Wuxi Economic and Trade Commission's enterprise investment project record notification (file number: 320200900939) 2009.3.9
41. Projects that have received Wuxi's expansion of domestic demand for technological transformation and construction of new industrial and commercial investment in fixed asset investment (winning project) (total investment of 12.15 million yuan, of which fixed asset investment: 11.15 million yuan) 20